Meet The Production Crew

Les Fultz

Founder | Director

In 2009 Les met a quickly emerging leader in content marketing, Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic.  Les was recommended a book on how to grow your business on Google.  He put these plans into action immediately.  In 2010 built a successful brand solely online.  After five years while discovering how valuable developing quality content online was, he had burning desire to help others understand how this works.

Les helps our clients distribute incredibly awesome content to improve exposure, increase retention, and offer additional product or service value that other forms of marketing and advertising make extremely complex and costly. He makes it simple.


Lee Kresser

Operations | Executive Producer

Lee has brought his engineering, project management, and years of business development to our team.  In this ever changing world of media and exposure Lee helps not only keep our team on track, but helps our clients understand this lighting speed process.  His creativity expanded during his local radio program in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He is also a writer, composer, and driver for for our creativity processes.

Due to all the fine tuned processes that are required to bring live social media coverage to the masses Lee plays a very important role in insuring each event is a smashing success.

Create Awesome Content and Increase Visibility Online

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Our virtual team brings years of marketing expertise, social media management, and email marketing to ensure the best possible promotion and engagement for your special event or digital campaigns.  Curious on how this works? Let us know. Contact Howie’s team today!

Timely Support

All of our services include LIVE support.  You are not in this alone.  We’ll make sure you are on the Right Track!

Innovative Ideas

This team, and strategic partners are full of creativity.  Ready to showcase your brand to the world.

Advanced Technology

There are AWESOME tools to help you become smarter, more engaged, and save time too! That’s our specialty, helping you understand how everything works.

Clear Communication

Live chat, phone support, email.  We are here day and night to make sure you have help.  If something goes wrong, we’ll be here.

Download Howie’s Guide to Internet Visibility.  It’s a great tool to help you get your web properties prepped for all the action! Questions? Our team is always available for help.

Packed with awesome tips from years of marketing experience.  Best of all, it’s Free!  We need you to take a look, just so that we can over deliver when we go live!

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Lights! Camera! ACTION!

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